Aug 31, 2019

Star Rats is a science fantasy tabletop roleplaying game that is currently in development.

Unlike many people, D&D was not my first RPG. From a young age, I played the old West End Games Star Wars roleplaying game; my friends and I would infiltrate Imperial bases in a galaxy far far away. My brother would hold star destroyers hostage with a thermal detonator pressed up against its engine core. My best friend Nik would run circles around enemy starfighters. I would sneak deep into the most heavily guarded crime syndicates in the Outer Rim, only to roll poorly and be found out as I tripped down a flight of stairs, necessitating a 
quick switch to Plan B: BLOW EVERYTHING UP! My PC, Mattac, often made use of his over the shoulder rocket launcher, lovingly nicknamed "The Door Maker."

My brother and I would later move on to play and create games of all types throughout the years, but I never lost my love of science fiction, and especially the pulp fantasy version known as science fantasy. Science was welcome, but sometimes it just had to take a backseat to "cool."

Now, as an adult, I've found that love of science fantasy never faded. I still want to go back and travel through the stars, defeating monstrous villains and having a great time doing it! 

I did not have plans to write my own RPG. I looked- in vain- for an RPG that would perfectly scratch that itch. Nothing seemed quite right.. until I stumbled upon the astonishing Maze Rats by Ben Milton. He got it. It was the system that just worked for me flawlessly. A minimal system that created opportunities for adventure unhindered by lengthy, cluttered rules. Only, it wasn't... sciencey. (it had the fantasy bit down, but I wanted rockets!) 

So. Here I am, hacking rockets, aliens, robots, and clones into Ben's masterpiece, and trying my best not to wreck it. Star Rats was born.

Now what? I wanted to share Star Rats with other people like me who craved an adventure among the stars! But more than that, I wanted my childhood legacy to bring meaningful help to other children in need. My brother and I grew up in hard times. I learned that games can make difficult times easier to bear. It also taught me what I wanted to do most in life was to protect and help children. (I do that now for a living. My role is a humble one, but I am in a position that I can help and I love that)

My two passions- gaming, and helping children- align with the amazing charity Child's Play. By providing children toys and games in over 100 hospitals worldwide, they help bring comfort to children in what can be a traumatic time. It's my privilege to help them accomplish this goal in whatever way that I can. All proceeds of Star Rats proudly goes to the charity Child's Play, so that every Star Rats rocket that pierces the void benefits a child in need.

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