WizardThiefFighter gains over 400 patreons!

Jun 8, 2019

The amazing, all around awesome person and talented writer-artist extraordinaire Luka Rejec has hit a well-deserved milestone today, reaching over 400 patreons. Let's keep good things happening for him and keep good things happening to yourself by signing up on his patreon here! I think he says it best when he describes his approach as "Concept heavy, rules-light, full metal."

His recently Kickstarted Ultraviolet Grasslands is a spectacular looking RPG that I can't wait to receive my copy of. Described as a science fantasy Marco Polo-style voyage across a weird, old world and often compared to being a science fantasy Oregon Trail in book form. Go sign up for his patreon now to see more and make sure you don't miss out!
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