Space Combat: Technology you can understand

Jun 25, 2019

In science fiction stories, what can sensors detect and what can they not detect?

In most cases, the answer is simple: Whatever the plot wants them to detect. Detect individual lifeforms? Detect a person's breathing? No problem! Except when it is a problem. In long-running series, it is not uncommon to see the capabilities of fantastic technology fluctuate wildly to fit whatever the story needed for that moment.

How can a character rely on and use a tool that they do not know what it does, or how it does what it does? Maze Rats is built on thinking up creative solutions to problems. The farther you move away from real life or well-established settings the harder that is to do.

To address that issue, Star Rats’ current technology level is set to roughly twenty minutes in the future. Aliens and robots wander crowded streets, starships are almost common, but the technology in wide use is not that different from what we see around us now. Instead of using sensors, starships use radar. Instead of tractor beams, harpoon cannons.

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