Space Combat: Everybody is invited!

Jun 17, 2019

Space combat is a difficult thing to get right. For one thing, how do you make space combat fun for characters who are not pilots and not designed for space combat?

First, let’s lower the bar for entry. In Star Rats, there is only one path that deals directly with space travel. Void jockey. A character with void jockey is skilled at piloting AND repairing starships, but anyone can attempt it. Added to this, the attack bonus used to wield a blade, or a pistol is the same used to fire a starship’s weapons. This way almost anyone can jump into the gunner’s seat. What if you do not have a free gunner seat available? Simple, put on a space suit and grab your laser pistol. It won’t do as much damage as a starship weapon, but just like peppering a car engine with a shotgun, you ARE going to do damage.

What about characters who really don’t care for space battles? They don’t want to be a pilot, they don’t want to fix stuff, or shoot ships. All they wanna do is crack skulls. That is okay. Boarding enemy ships is almost ridiculously easy.

But if all else fails, make it quick.

Space combat is easy to get wrong and I am not so arrogant to think I have a foolproof solution, so if all this fails, starships have low hull ratings so at least space combat should be over quick.

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