Star Rats

Aug 31, 2019

Rocket through the void of space in broken-down starships. Retrieve lost treasure and powerful artifacts, alongside cyborgs, mutants, robots, and aliens. Star Rats is a science fantasy roleplaying game (RPG), based on the outstanding Maze Rats by Ben Milton. Inspired by Gamma World and films such as Blade Runner and Fifth Element.

  • A minimalist hack of a minimalist game
  • Fully compatible with characters made using Maze Rats
  • Random tables for cybernetics, mutations, starship quirks, and more
  • Full vehicle and starship rules
  • After Kickstarter, all future proceeds from Star Rats goes to the Child’s Play charity

What people are saying about Star Rats:

"Hey, this is spectacular!"

"This is awesome! Some great GM inspiration for sci fi RPGs, even if you don't use the rules."

"i really love the species table in char-gen. It has such a cool weird-scifi vibe to it, and helps establish the tone"

"Thank you for this! Any space game with 'space barnacles' is a win in my book."

"Moar plz!"
-Kat Bailey

"How did your game thing work out?"
-My Mom

"I was looking for something to do on Friday...this might be the thing."

Star Rats is still in development and your feedback helps make the game the best it can be. Join the official Star Rats Discord and download the most recent version of the game in the #announcements channel.
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